Top 5 web design trends for 2021

Technology is growing faster than our expectation, and the same goes for web design trends. Web design has reached a level that provides users with highly engaging and communication-oriented visuals to fulfil their needs. You do not want to lose conversions because your website has an outdated and inadequate design.

Therefore, it is crucial to find out the latest web design trends to stay in the game. Here are the Top 5 web design trends of 2021

1. 3D Effect

By Nathan Riley via Dribbble

The 3D design will never go out of style, and it is definitely in hot trends in the web design field. It is satisfying to look at, engaging and will catch a visitors’ attention. Thanks to modern technologies, web designers can now create incredible 3D effects to make their websites unique and stand out from the average website.

2. Parallax Scroll Effects

By Outer Studio via Dribbble

The parallax scroll effect has been a trend in web designs for many years, but it remains one of the hottest trends in web design of 2021. The parallax scroll effect refers to the combined use of visual effects and 2D scrolling to create a sense of depth and layering in the user experience. It emphasises the professionalism of the company/organisation and a higher level of creativity. However, too much movement of the parallax scrolling effect may cause some users who are not as tech-savvy to see it as overly complicated and frustrating to find information.

3. Illustration

illustration invibe landing

A regular stock image might be prevalent and general. Visitors prefer to see something different from your webpage. Illustrations are famous as a way to tell visual stories of your brand. It also helps your website stand out and feel something fresh. Invibe Digital is an excellent example of an illustration webpage.

4. Gradient Color Schemes

gradient healing landing

By Healing Our Scars

Gradients are eye-catching and memorable because they are colourful, engaging, and provide visual effects that we are not used to seeing. They can also direct your user’s eyesight to focus on the feature you want. As long as you aren’t overdoing it, gradients colour will always look good on the background with two different tones of colours.

5. Dark Mode

By Haoran Zhang via Dribbble

The white background has always been the popular choice to ensure readability,  clean and minimal web design. Web designers in 2021 are increasingly using dark mode on their website, a setting that allows the users to switch the backgrounds from light to dark to increase contrast. Not only that, dark mode makes it easy to create an ultra-look for your website.


We expect to see neat, eye-catching and high-quality web designs that use animations and videos to enhance user experiences in 2021.  If you are looking for mobile-friendly and modern websites, contact us here and schedule a free consultation today!

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